The Django-Philes

Currently in progress, this will be an album of original compositions, all based on the classic repertoire of gypsy jazz, as exemplified by Django Reinhardt, and enjoying increasing popularity nowadays, amongst jazz fans and lovers of all things “vintage”.
Played on an authentic replica of a 1930’s “gypsy” guitar, closely modeled on Django’s own Selmer serial #503,  these tracks are played with the authentic gypsy picking technique that is so essential to this guitar style. A reproduction of Django’s 1940’s Stimer pickup, made in France by luthier Maurice Dupont, will feature on the “later period Django” style tracks, played through a 1930’s style low power valve amp.
I envisage some violin, clarinet and possibly accordion sessions to come, but this album will be very much about the guitar!
Vive la jazz manouche!
There are a few early mixes to be found below;