Some recent halloween tracks out with Felt PM. There’s theremin all over this and hubristically, I thought that I’d use my real one- until reality struck. Anyway, out of my contributions to the album, I think that I like my “spooky ska” track the best.

The album can be found here;

One Show

Some of my guitar playing has been featuring in the “One Show” recently. Thanks to Bob and Barn for this, as for so many other things 🙂

Friday Night Live

A one-off remake of Friday Night Live aired on CH4 recently. By virture of playing the guitar and bass on the theme tune I got to go down to the recording and hang out in the green room afterwards, with some of the faces that I watched in the original FNL in my teens.. .

Desert Rock

“Powerful, searing desert rock where modern hard rock guitars and raucous drums pack a cool, dark-edged punch. Wild, tough, heavy and just a little bit deranged”. I’ve got some tracks on this Evolution Media Music album.

90’s Grunge

I’m quite proud of this one, and I think that it’s pretty authentic. Some genuine 90’s guitars, 90’s valve guitar amps, 90’s outboard and a healthy dose of ssl outboard bus compression went into these tracks which also aren’t religously to a click. I wanted a real organic feel. Oh yes, and I was listening to these bands and playing guitar in the 90s so it’s a big part of my musical upbringing. 90’s grunge can be found here.

Pop Punk

I’ve got a few tracks out on this album with Brilliant Music- Pop Punk.

“First Love”, “Meet Me At the Diner”, “Prom Punk”, “This is the Day”, “In a Spin”,”Kiss Punch”. I’m quite proud of how these tracks sit in this album- track no. 1 is great for example (not mine) and I think that these hold their own.


I’ve been doing some tracking for some Americana tracks- tele, dobro, banjo.

Blues tracks

If you’re into rather more of a S.R.V. vibe then I did a couple of blues tracks for EVO last year. “Swagger Blues” and “Proud Blues” are mine. I played them on my sunburst 80’s strat- my first decent electric guitar. I wanted a sunburst because Stevie Ray played one.

New EVO tracks

A couple of rocking tracks are out with Evolution Media Music recently- there’s quite a lot of playing on these! Try and Stop Me, Up All Night 🙂