Acoustic Kitchen

I’ve been making some good progress with this project in the past week or two. There will be tracks for those “busy cooking” scenes, something to go with more exotic cuisine and tension building underscores. A musical toolkit for the kitchen, with acoustic instruments, played live, and percussion built up from kitchen appliances and utensils.

8 bars, 16 guitars


My idea started with an eight bar chord progression that I was messing around with on the guitar one day. I took the chords, split up the voices, mixed them around and, quite strictly, kept to this as the harmonic basis for the whole album.

Consequently, it’s got a coherence about it that I really like, despite the tracks all being very different from one another. I’ve kept everything very “organic”; no synths or samples.

At present, I’m quite pleased with this one- just looking for a publisher….

There are some audio clips to be found under the “current projects” menu heading.


Yodel tracks destined for a Universal release

I’m pleased to say that it looks as though a couple of tracks are going to feature on an upcoming Universal album release. Recorded last year, tweaked a bit this year and probably not to see the metaphorical light of day for a good couple of months- such is the prolonged nascence of production music tracks.


I’ve had the good fortune to do some session work recently for the upcoming Lennox Brothers movie, Amstardam. Bass and guitars with a bit of gypsy jazz, right up my street! Thanks to Bob and Barn for this.

CH4 recording sessions

Some weeks ago I spent a day recording guitars for the recently aired “My Gay Wedding; the musical” on CH4, at DIN studios in Limehouse. The engineer Julian Simmons is a man with great ears who really knows what he is doing!

DIN guitarsDIN desk




I’ve completed a few flamenco tracks for a forthcoming Focus Music release. A good excuse to practice my rasguedos, but hard work on the picking hand!

Gypsy jazz album

I’m in the early stages of writing for an album of gypsy jazz, or jazz manouche, tunes in the sinti gypsy style- typified by Django Reinhardt. This has been my main area of practice for the past few years, so I’m confident that I’ll be able to do a good, authentic job.