More Evo news

I’ve had a bit more success with getting tracks out with the guys at Evolution Media Music. Blues and rock so far, with a bit of Rockabilly to come, and maybe some Americana in the near future, if I pass muster.

MediEvil sessions

Have done a bit of guitar recently for the upcoming PS4 release of the new MediEvil game with composers Bob and Barn. I feel very happy and privileged to be able to play a small part in this.

Django session with Hal Ritson

I was very proud to be asked to do a bit of Django-esque guitar for a recording session with the incomparable Hal Ritson recently. Infact, it turned out to be guitar and bass. Hal’s writing and recording credits encompass Katy Perry, The Black Eyed Peas, The Sugarbabes, Dizzy Rascal, you name it. Thanks Mr R!

Django guitar film session

As a follow up to some guitar playing I did for Bob and Barn for their score for a short film, set in Paris, I’ve just had the opportunity to do some gypsy guitar for another scene. I hope that it makes the edit! More news to follow once the film is released…

Delicate Guitar news

I’m happy to report that my “Delicate” guitar tracks will soon be appearing on a Focus music release, as part of an album with the same name, it appears. I’ll post a link to this when one becomes available.

New tracks coming out soon with DeWolfe and Universal

I’m pleased to say that my “Acoustic Kitchen” album is now scheduled for release with DeWolfe in the next month or two and that a couple of co-written tracks will also be out soon on a Universal album “Oddball Songs”. My thanks to Ben Somers for these latter ones.


RIGS recording sessions

I’m very happy to have been part of the recording sessions for the soundtrack to the upcoming Guerilla games release RIGS. It looks spectacular from the trailers I’ve seen and all of the guitar playing and most of the bass is me, along with a spot of saz and bouzouki.

Thanks to Bob and Barn for this!


The Swamp Sessions- update

15 tracks of swampy goodness are now set for release by DeWolfe. Since this album’s  inception, at the end of last year, I’ve acquired a cigar box guitar, got some harmonica playing down and built and recorded a washtub bass. The final album features about 16 different instruments, along with miscellaneous percussion, and I’m proud to say, is 100% me.

swamp banner


Delicate Guitar tracks

It looks as though the tracks from my “Delicate Guitar” ep are going to be released by Focus Music later on in the year, I am happy to report. I’m quite pleased with these tunes, now that I listen back to them. Some time infront of Wavelab doing edits is now called for…

delicate post

acoustic Americana album in progress

I’ve just started working on an album of acoustic Americana for DeWolfe. It’s going to feature acoustic guitars of various shades, banjos, dobro, resophonic guitar, mandolin, harmonica, cigar box guitar and maybe some appalachian dulcimer and banjo-lele. Something will appear in the “current projects” once I’ve got a few tracks recorded.


Gypsy jazz album

I’ve finally got round to starting my long planned gypsy jazz project. I’m going to be recording a selection of tracks that typify the most important tunes and styles in the gypsy jazz repertoire. There will be swing tunes or course, but also later more bop tracks, a waltz or two and perhaps something along the lines of one of Django’s solo guitar improvisations. I’m going for a fairly vintage sound and I might do some real old school mixes, but I’ve also got a couple of ideas for electro swing remixes of some of these tracks.

There is a more detailed page here.




feelgood rock

Some real progress is being made with this album now, and we should be pitching it to potential publishers in a couple of weeks’ time.

Fingers crossed…