90’s Grunge

I’m quite proud of this one, and I think that it’s pretty authentic. Some genuine 90’s guitars, 90’s valve guitar amps, 90’s outboard and a healthy dose of ssl outboard bus compression went into these tracks which also aren’t religously to a click. I wanted a real organic feel. Oh yes, and I was listening to these bands and playing guitar in the 90s so it’s a big part of my musical upbringing. 90’s grunge can be found here.

Pop Punk

I’ve got a few tracks out on this album with Brilliant Music- Pop Punk.

“First Love”, “Meet Me At the Diner”, “Prom Punk”, “This is the Day”, “In a Spin”,”Kiss Punch”. I’m quite proud of how these tracks sit in this album- track no. 1 is great for example (not mine) and I think that these hold their own.


I’ve been doing some tracking for some Americana tracks- tele, dobro, banjo.

Blues tracks

If you’re into rather more of a S.R.V. vibe then I did a couple of blues tracks for EVO last year. “Swagger Blues” and “Proud Blues” are mine. I played them on my sunburst 80’s strat- my first decent electric guitar. I wanted a sunburst because Stevie Ray played one.

New EVO tracks

A couple of rocking tracks are out with Evolution Media Music recently- there’s quite a lot of playing on these! Try and Stop Me, Up All Night 🙂

Motus Music

I’ve just started doing some tracks for a new MCPS library Motus Music, I am happy and excited to report. Initial tracks are “indie blues rock” and I’ve managed to find a use for my hand built, NOS 70’s germanium transistor fuzz face on one of them. It sounded great!

Film Sessions

I’ve been doing some recording sessions for music for an upcoming film by the director of “The Hatton Garden Job”. This one, more of a romantic comedy, has plenty of acoustic guitar in it. I’m very happy about that, needless to say. Thanks, as usual to the inestimable Bob and Barn for the opportunity to join in with this project.


Another recording session for music for the upcoming Sony release of MediEvil. I’ve seen some behind-the-scenes footage and it looks very impressive. Scheduled for release at the end of October I believe.